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I’m an esthetician by trade but went on Ideal Protein for a short time and it literally changed my life. What an eye opener! I have learned how to prepare for healthy meals, learned how to read labels and eat for pleasure not out of need. It truly is a lifestyle change for myself and my family of five. Because of Ideal Protein I decided to go back to school for Holistic Nutrition to grow my passion for health and wellness. Ideal Protein is a life changer! Love it!

Jo McCarthy, Orchid Medi-Spa Health Coach

I am a very active person who works outdoors everyday. I noticed after our second child that I had put on more weight then my wife during her pregnancy. I blamed lack of sleep but it really had more to do with my eating habits. I decided I needed some education and that’s why I chose Ideal Protein. Instead of a quick fix diet that doesn’t last (like most) I went on IP and have never looked back. I dropped 35lbs in 8 weeks and feel awesome! The education in healthy eating as well as top notch coaches helped me achieve my goal and continue to live by the same principles 5 years later!

Mark M. Bowmanville


Tamara L

As a long-distance runner and overall active person, I was used to eating fairly clean as well as indulging in my favourite vices.  I'll admit, being an runner, I was a bit of a "Carb-Junkie".  I was also used to eating as much as I wanted whenever.  I never believed in diets.  However, one day as I was completing a 30 km run with more on my body frame than I could easily carry, it occurred to me that there must be something more to being fit than exercise.  My neighbours had recently tried the Ideal Protein diet and both got excellent results.  So, I decided to go to an information session about the program and began to learn all about the Ideal Protein approach.  It isn't a fad diet.  Ideal Protein seemed to be to me,  a correction in the way we eat.  From the types of foods we are consuming, to when we are consuming the food and how we are combining the food along with proper portioning.  There are four phases:  a weight-loss phase, a stabilization phase; a re-introductory of good carbohydrate phase; and the phase of maintenance or the rest of your life.  I discovered that being fit overall not only required exercise but an educated awareness of what we are consuming.  Ideal Protein has helped me achieve my overall fitness goals and educated me to make better choices for my health for the rest of my life.

Michael S. – Whitby, Ontario
I heard about Ideal Protein from friends of mine. I was skeptical, of course..... just another diet! Seeing them for the first time after they started... my jaw dropped, they looked amazing and their journey had only started a month prior. I started on March 1st, 2012 at 296lbs. I was, at that time on medication for high blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes. My weight now is 255lbs. I was also taken off all my medication by my doctor. Yeah, you read it right & I'm not being paid for this letter. I've lost 41lbs in seven weeks. I'm still a ways off from my goal but for the first time ever, I am confident that I can succeed. The program isn't the easiest to follow but IF you do follow it, you WILL get results. The staff at Orchid are amazing.
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