Ideal Protein


I’m an esthetician by trade but went on Ideal Protein for a short time and it literally changed my life. What an eye opener! I have learned how to prepare for healthy meals, learned how to read labels and eat for pleasure not out of need. It truly is a lifestyle change for myself and my family of five. Because of Ideal Protein I decided to go back to school for Holistic Nutrition to grow my passion for health and wellness. Ideal Protein is a life changer! Love it!

Jo McCarthy, Orchid Medi-Spa Health Coach

I am a very active person who works outdoors everyday. I noticed after our second child that I had put on more weight then my wife during her pregnancy. I blamed lack of sleep but it really had more to do with my eating habits. I decided I needed some education and that’s why I chose Ideal Protein. Instead of a quick fix diet that doesn’t last (like most) I went on IP and have never looked back. I dropped 35lbs in 8 weeks and feel awesome! The education in healthy eating as well as top notch coaches helped me achieve my goal and continue to live by the same principles 5 years later!

Mark M. Bowmanville