Ideal Protein


• Targets FAT loss
• Helps to Maintain Muscle Mass
• Tone & Revitalizes Skin
• Promotes Vitality & Energy
• Naturally Suppresses Appetite
• Re-establishes Pancreatic Function (Insulin)
• A dysfunctional pancreas is like an overheated engine: if
you give it a break, it will work more efficiently
• There are two Contracts with IP
1. Losing weight 2. Maintaining the weight
• There is a Beginning and an End
• No Diet Last Forever
• If you follow the diet 100%, you will get 100% results. If you
follow it 90%, you will get 0% of the results
• A Diet is not a Vaccine Against Obesity
• Sacrifice- is a donation for you. You’re worth it.
Does it make you feel good to donate?
“Weight loss is only possible when your head and heart are in agreement. If your head and your heart are not in agreement, there is a disconnect. Weight loss is not a solution to your emotional state. We only accept what we understand”

Dr. Tran Tien Chanh


Spa Services

We provide a variety of services for improving health, beauty and relaxation in our private rooms. From facials to waxing...manicures to pedicures! Come and see us...YOU deserve it!
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Revive your hair with our talented team of experts! Do you want a creative look that is all yours? Come in for a complimentary consultation for your custom look!
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Laser Services

Our aim is to suspend the aging process, rejuvenate your skin and make our patients look as young as they feel inside. Laser treatment services include a consultation before a service is performed.
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Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method

With the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method, you will not only see quick results, but also be provided with valuable nutrition knowledge to help you sustain your results on a long-term basis.
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