Holistic Services

Your skin health is a great clue to what is happening inside your body. Your skin is one way your body eliminates toxins & excess hormones. If your liver, colon & lungs (other ways your body eliminates) are over-burdened chances are you will see issues surface on your skin. Let us get to the root cause of acne, rosacea or any of your skin concerns!

Skin Analysis

“Treating your skin, as well as your body from inside out.” Let us get to the root cause of your skin concerns and a registered holistic nutritionist will provide a custom plan for your individual needs.

15 min • $25


Do you suffer from indigestion, gas, bloating, constipation, or diarrhea? And also suffer from skin health issues?

Including acne on face, back or chest

Dryness or eczema

Rosacea or pigmentation

Nourish your digestion health and gain the skin health benefits

30 min • $75


Do you find how and what to eat over-whelming or confusing? Let us talk about it by keeping it simple for you.

Holistic nutrition fundamentals

Simple & complex carbohydrates

Good & bad fats

Plant & animal protein

Reading food labels

The good & bad about the new Canada Food Guide

30 min • $60

Nutrition Counselling

Would you like more one-on one guidance with your own nutrition journey? Guided by a registered holistic nutritionist, 4 week program (4 sessions, 20 minutes each). Education, food journaling and keep it simple recipes. This also includes skin analysis, discuss and digestive concerns & nutrition fundamentals.

4 Sessions • $175

Ideal Protein Weight Loss Protocol

This 3 phase weight loss program is guided by Registered Holistic Nutritionist. Ideal Protein brings our relationship with health and food back to its fundamentals. Easy to follow, fast, safe weight loss. Gradual removal of Ideal Protein products for a goal of a whole food diet in maintenance. Continued support and education in maintenance to establish long term success. 

Starter kit includes: 21 Ideal Protein packages include 6 ready-made drinks, multivitamin, calcium/magnesium, omega 3’s, potassium, Ideal sea salt, shaker, weekly recipes, weekly guidance and support for duration of your program

Starter Kit • $400