As a long-distance runner and overall active person, I was used to eating fairly clean as well as indulging in my favourite vices.  I'll admit, being an runner, I was a bit of a "Carb-Junkie".  I was also used to eating as much as I wanted whenever.  I never believed in diets.  However, one day as I was completing a 30 km run with more on my body frame than I could easily carry, it occurred to me that there must be something more to being fit than exercise.  My neighbours had recently tried the Ideal Protein diet and both got excellent results.  So, I decided to go to an information session about the program and began to learn all about the Ideal Protein approach.  It isn't a fad diet.  Ideal Protein seemed to be to me,  a correction in the way we eat.  From the types of foods we are consuming, to when we are consuming the food and how we are combining the food along with proper portioning.  There are four phases:  a weight-loss phase, a stabilization phase; a re-introductory of good carbohydrate phase; and the phase of maintenance or the rest of your life.  I discovered that being fit overall not only required exercise but an educated awareness of what we are consuming.  Ideal Protein has helped me achieve my overall fitness goals and educated me to make better choices for my health for the rest of my life.

Tamara L,